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Latest News in short / Letzte Neuigkeiten in Kürze
  28.08.18 Y 2018-09
Added pictures from Spring 2018.
  30.07.18 Y 2018-08
Added pictures from later Winter 2018.
  25.06.18 Y 2018-07
Added pictures from January 2018.
  01.06.18 Y 2018-06
Added pictures from late 2017.
  27.04.18 Y 2018-05
Added pictures from late 2017.
  24.03.18 Y 2018-04
Added remaining pictures from Paris.
  20.02.18 Y 2018-03
Added further pictures from Paris.
  26.01.18 Y 2018-02
Added further pictures from Paris.
  31.12.17 Y 2018-01
Added first pictures from Paris and some from Ulm.
  27.11.17 Y 2017-12
Added pictures last pictures from Spain (June 2017) and flags from Ulm.
  29.10.17 Y 2017-11
Added pictures pictures from Spain (June 2017).
  02.10.17 Y 2017-10
Added pictures from Summer 2017 with first pictures from Spain (June 2017).
  26.08.17 Y 2017-09
Added pictures from Spring and early Summer 2017.
  24.07.17 Y 2017-08
Added pictures from Spring 2017.
  18.06.17 Y 2017-07
Added pictures from Winter and early Spring 2017.
  25.05.17 Y 2017-06
Added pictures from early 2017.
  30.04.17 Y 2017-05
Added pictures from late 2016.
  25.03.17 Y 2017-04
Added pictures of the Autumn 2016 with old and new 'Winter' green.
  25.02.17 Y 2017-03
Added remaining pictures from a vist to Zurich in October 2016.
  28.01.17 Y 2017-02
Added more pictures from a vist to Zurich in October 2016.
  24.12.16 Y 2017-01
Added more pictures shot autumn 2016. Added first pictures from a vist to Zurich.
  26.11.16 Y 2016-12
Added more pictures shot in summer 2016.
  30.10.16 Y 2016-11
Added pictures shot in summer 2016.
  25.09.16 Y 2016-10
Added pictures shot till Oath Monday 2016.
  29.08.16 Y 2016-09
Added pictures shot in the Provence.
  31.07.16 Y 2016-08
Added pictures shot in Spring 2016.
Added pictures from Woman A.
  26.06.16 Y 2016-07
Added pictures shot in Spring 2016.
  20.05.16 Y 2016-06
Added pictures shot in winter and spring 2016.
  29.04.16 Y 2016-05
Added pictures shot in early 2016.
  27.03.16 Y 2016-04
Added pictures shot most in January 2016.
  27.02.16 Y 2016-03
Added pictures shot at end 2015.
Improved navigation (button).
  31.01.16 Y 2016-02
Added pictures shot in Autumn 2015.
Improved layout, navigaton and shop on web site.
  01.01.16 Y 2016-01
Added pictures shot in summer 2015.
Added a simple first shop to the web site.
  30.11.15 Y 2015-12
Added pictures shot in July 2015.
  29.10.15 Y 2015-11
Added pictures shot in early summer 2015.
  18.10.15 Y 2015-10
Added addional several picture shown in exhibition. Removed the disapeared supplier MyGall.
  30.09.15 Y 2015-10
Added several picture from spring & early summer 2015.
Added picture ID o the top right side.
  31.08.15 Y 2015-09
Added several picture from surfaces.
Added pictures shoot around May 2015.
  31.07.15 Y 2015-08
Added series for the different frame sizes.
Added pictures shoot up to May 2015.
  25.06.15 Y 2015-07
Added series Ulm Minster mising with no good reason so far.
  30.05.15 Y 2015-06
Added the pictures from Jan 2015.
Added series Water to cover old and all new water pictures.
  25.04.15 Y 2015-05
Added the pictures from Dec 2014.
Extended the CV and legal information.
  25.03.15 Y 2015-04
Added the pictures from Nov-Dec 2014.
Splitted several large series in I, II and III series.
  22.02.15 Y 2015-03
Added the pictures from my trip to Amsterdam. Some are in my new 'ultra-wide' picture format of 32x9 which I aquired also on my trip.
  31.01.15 Y 2015-02
Added the remaining pictures made till early October before I drove to Amsterdam.
Several website developments started with samll visibility or behind the the scene (so far).
  01.01.15 Y 2015-01
The 'regular' January update with pictures done autumn 2014.
This part II of the January 2015 update.
I changed some details in the layout.
I changed also my contact information display to a bitmap/JavaScript to harden it against spam robots.
  19.12.14 Y 2015-01
Added pictures done recently as special Xmas update.
This part I of the January 2015 update.
  26.11.14 Y 2014-12
Added pictures done in August 2014.
This includes pictures a for new kind of structual pictures.
  25.10.14 Y 2014-11
Added pictures done in summer 2014.
This includes pictures done of birds, glass and construction in Neu-Ulm.
  26.09.14 Y 2014-10
Added pictures done in July 2014.
This includes pictures done around the candle lights serenade on the Danube.
  28.08.14 Y 2014-09
Added pictures done in June/July 2014.
Added page and a new main page entry:.
"Ulm - on Map / auf Karte".
Added for the very most of the Ulm pictures location info
reachable via the flag/location marker.
Added for the very most of the Ulm pictures location links
to Google* Maps*.
Corrected wrong location information.
Correcte other mistakes and issues.
  27.07.14 Y 2014-08
Added pictures done in Spring to June.
  28.06.14 Y 2014-07
Added pictures done in early Spring of 2014.
  25.05.14 Y 2014-06
Added pictures done in Winter at beginning of 2014.
  01.05.14 Y 2014-05
Added pictures done around sylvester'13.
Updated the website navigation in several ways.
Enhanced the information for the pictures: Histogram, serie links, etc.
Some final fixes have to come.
  29.03.14 Y 2014-04
Added pictures done in Dec'13 including a lot of trees.
  24.02.14 Y 2014-03
Added pictures from Zurich and Ulm done in October and November '13.
Added Tabs to detailed view.
  31.01.14 Y 2014-02
Added remaining pictures from my trip so Berlin. Started to use JavaScript.
  21.12.13 Y 2014-01
Added first pictures from my trip so Berlin. Added Berlin series.
  25.11.13 Y 2013-12
Added pictures about/with (light) traces.
  25.10.13 Y 2013-11
Added pictures shot over the summer 2013.
  30.09.13 Y 2013-1-
Added pictures shot at / around the Swear Monday - primary at Night.
  26.08.13 Y 2013-09
Added pictures shot in in Ulm and Zurich.
Added colorful pictures from flowers.
Split the Ulm pictures in 5 geographic series.
  27.07.13 Y 2013-08
Added pictures shot in Spring 2013 in Ulm and Weimar.
  23.06.13 Y 2013-07
Added pictures shot in Spring 2013.
  30.05.13 Y 2013-06
Added pictures shot in the endless Winter till end of March 2013.
  28.04.13 Y 2013-05
Added new series "Low-End Device".
Added pictures shot in the endless Winter early 2013.
  31.03.13 Y 2013-04
Added new series "Black White Red".
Found as new print service provider.
Added pictures shot in early 2013.
  23.02.13 Y 2013-03
Added last ordinary pictures shot in 2012. 2013 can come now.
  30.01.13 Y 2013-02
Added pictures shot in 2012.
Aligned/reduced the picture sizes to support smaller screens [user request].
Added the number of pictures to the series [user request].
Added a protected area for future use.
Added link to
The new domain "" will serve as a new additional entry point for Ulm related pictures.
Unfortunatly does the the service supplier "WHITEWALL" stop his service, and so do I. I will look for an alternative.
  21.12.12 Y 2013-01
Added pictures shot in autumn with first snow.
  26.11.12 Y 2012-12
Added pictures shot in autumn.
Added new series 'Trees' and 'SW'.
Renamed series 'Flower' to 'Flowers'.
Fixed several serie assignments.
  27.10.12 Y 2012-11
Added further 'new' pictures shot/processed in September 2012.
Added 'Fortress of Ulm' category.
  25.09.12 Y 2012-10
Added further 'new' pictures shot/processed in August 2012.
The Backlog is increasing - meanwhile a complete month - but the dark cold months are coming.
  27.08.12 Y 2012-09
Added new pictures shot/processed in August 2012.
Changed the navigation of series.
Added series text.
Added wide-angle @ Picasa entrance.
  29.08.12 Y 2012-08
Added new pictures shot/processed in July 2012.
  30.06.12 Y 2012-07
Added new pictures shot/processed in June 2012.
  30.05.12 Y 2012-06 Added new pictures shot in May 2012.
Launched print service via WHITEWALL for some pictures.
Added wide-angle @ Flickr and Behance entrance.
  30.04.12 Y 2012-05
Added new pictures shot in April 2012.
  06.04.12 Added manipulation info page.  
  31.03.12 Y 2012-04
Established a a new look for the decade.
Linked to partner pages.
  06.11.11 Many years the web site sleeped.
Updated website.
Add several new digital pictures.
  03.08.02 Reduced picture size of max. resolution pictures.
Add several new pictures.
  28.07.02 Reworked principle appearance of site.  
  23.12.01 Add missing pictures from J. and new from A..  
  03.10.01 Refinements of the general apperance.
Fixed some displaying bugs for Explorer Browser.
  24.05.01 Added new pictures in new series Others III and Lith.
After a longer delay I try to update the site more often.
... as long as the web space does not end...
  27.01.01 Added new pictures in new series Women IV and K.
Added new pictures in splitted series Others I and Others II
Added informations of XY-size of pictures and number of pictures in series.
Added 1:1 (100%) view of pictures and improved navigation.
  28.12.00 Added pictures to Women I and People II.  
  10.12.00 Added 3 pictures to US/Canada.  
  22.10.00 Complete redesign with additional improved navigation. Added slide show and Copyright details.  
  26.09.00 Redesign and improved navigation.  
  20.09.00 Added new pictures under "Women III"
Added new pictures under "Women in Color"
Added new serie: "Black&White"
Added new serie: "X-Serie"
  04.09.00 Added Contents overview for pictures  
  ... ... no history before ...  
    Updated/Geändert: 28.08.2018
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